Donkeycar Race

On September 10 the debut Donkey Car race was held at Muru D HQ. The race had 30 competitors across 5 teams with 4 of the teams managing to cross the finish line.

Team Profiles


Team C

1st Place

Team C had major setbacks when it was time for racing. On race day they had prepared new models to account for different lane markings, unfortunately they weren't able to build a good enough model. After reverting back to the original model they had built using many hours of practise before the race they were able to get the robot moving. By using aggressive throttle and by having a robust model they were able to take out the win without a single track violation!


Team B

2nd Place

Team B also made use of previous data on a different track that happened to generalise well to the new race day track. Their model and speed were both good but not great. Unfortunately the team incurred several time penalties for leaving the track momentarily and this pushed them down the leaderboard.


Team Udacity

3rd Place

Team Udacity had grand plans for using machine vision edge detection. When it came to race day this didn't seem to work out so they reverted to a backup model.


Team D

4th Place

Team D were plague by hardware issues in the weeks prior to race day. They managed to go through 2 robots and ended up having to install higher torque servos to cope with their intense training program.


Team A

Did Not Start

Team A didn't end up starting the race due to their model not being able to generalise to the new race track. The team had trained on white lines instead of black and their model was unable to recognise the new black lines.